Customized inkjet printers. Configured for YOU.

aQ-Printer is a modular inkjet concept for a superb printing quality. High reliability and absolute flexibility are our aim for an excellent inkjet printer. We configure and produce YOUR individual aQ-Printer for various different printing applications. An userfriendly operation and most importantly, longlife industrial printheads complete our systems. High quality printing results could be achieved in a costefficient way.

The concept of aQ-Printers is perfectly in tune with our aQvarius inks. The wide variation of inks allows our aQ-Printers to operate in different industrial inkjet applications, such as textile printing, decor printing and graphical applications, i.e. signage or soft signage.

We customize YOUR aQ-Printer in terms of: ink technology, printhead technology, number of colors (print heads), media feeding and operational width. Further we could adopt optional equippment, like additional dryer, antistatic drum, exhaust with air cleaning, unwinder and rewinder.

This modular customization is our unique selling proposition (USP). Because this gives us the opportunity to react on individual customers demands and to fulfill their expectations, too.